That'll teach someone not to park outside the shop!


Ju-Ju has been going since 1994 and we've had some great times,'s a few of our fave moments over the years.

Soly and Fat Boy Slim

Tim & Soly on 'CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP'  -

NOT a reflection of what we sell in the shop! 

The first ever episode of BBC'S  'Mary Queen of Shops with Mary Portas

The JLS lads loved the shop

Getaway car with

Dermot O' Leary in 2016

The whole Ju-Ju team were invited along to the Brighton Music Awards in 2010.

Tim here with Led Zep's Jimmy Page.

We are so green even 

Caroline Lucas shops at Ju-Ju

Romesh falls in love with a

Run & Fly dinosaur shirt

RIP Ranking Roger from The Beat

Soly is more of a driver than Passenger

Altogether now...He said Captain, I said wot?

Norman's record collection turned into art at Art Republic

James Bay - about to be told by Soly that he can't busk outside the shop!

Soly with Thierry Henri at a Trade Show in Barcelona

Soly rocks a ROKA bag in San Francisco

Lizzy from the Undateables films a Xmas special in the shop

Soly with Norm again - what's going on here?